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Clown Forum:
clown Forum

The Clown Forum is a place for clowns to talk. It has message boards, live chat, and articles related to clowning, balloon sculpture, juggling, magic, ventriloquism, story telling, face painting and other more. Clowns of all skill levels are welcome.

COAI - Clowns of America International:
The Clowns of America International is an organization of clowns from around the United States. Their purpose is to share, educate, and act as a gathering place for serious minded amateurs, semiprofessionals, and professional clowns. Many of their members are also part of local clown groups, troupes or alleys in their area.

World Clown Association (WCA):
The world clown association is another organization of clowns from around the world. The world clown association exists to serve the needs of the members of the Association, to serve the needs of local affiliate clown alleys, and to promote the art of clowning throughout the world.

Mid Atlantic Clown Association:
Mid Atlantic Clown Association is an organization for clowns from the mid-Atlantic states including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Just Clowning Around of Northern Virginia:
Just Clowning Around (JCA) is a clown alley located in Northern Virginia. Sir Toony has been a member of JCA since July 2008.

Kapitol Klowns:
Kapitol Klowns is a clown alley located in Maryland. Sir Toony has been a member of Kapitol Klowns since February 2009.

Virginia Alley #3:
Virginia Alley #3 is a clown alley located in Richmond, VA. They were the host of the COAI 2008 International Convention in the spring of 2008.


Clown Training

Mooseburger Camp:
Mooseburger Camp is the clown school created by Tricia Manuel from world famous Pricilla Mooseburger Originals. It is a one week intensive clown school designed to meet the needs of people who want to learn to be "real" clowns. Mooseburger Camp is located in Minnesota.

Sir Toony and friends at Moose Camp 2008

Clown Camp:
Clown Camp is in its last year.

The Clown Network

The Clown Network:
The Clown Network, created by Mike Becvar, is a resource available to professional clowns with links to various websites for clowns, balloon twisters, face painters, and other entertainers.

Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Blog
The Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Blog is another website created by Mike Becvar. It is a blog and it is designed to be a resource for the professional entertainer. Most of the information is targeted towards face painting and balloon twisting.


Supplies sells various clown supplies.

Pricilla Mooseburger Originals:
Custom clown costumes and accessories by Pricilla Mooseburger, a.k.a. Tricia Manuel.

Clown Antics:
Clown Antics sells clown makeup, socks, wigs, and other supplies

Silly Farm
Silly Farm sells a wide selection of Face Painting supplies and books.

Axtell Expressions:
Axtell Expressions is one of the world's leading puppet makers.

LaRock's Fun and Magic:
LaRock's is a great source for balloons and magic supplies.



Barry's Magic Shop
Barry's Magic Shop in Rockville, MD, is a great place to attend classes and lectures or buy magic tricks.

UniStars Unicycling Showtroupe:
The UniStars are a unicycling showtroupe based in Fauquier County, Virginia. Sir Toony has been taking unicycle lessons from the UniStars since Sepbember 2008.

Ride the Unicycle:
Ride the Unicycle is a website and book that provides educational materials for learning to ride the unicycle easily and safely.

The Unicycle Page:
The Unicycle Page is a website that provides links to the best internet resources to learn more about the sport of unicycling.

Balloon Animals Blog:
The Balloon Animals Blog is a website devoted to ballon twisting.